SHINAFU (linden fabric) / シナ布

SHINAFU (linden fabric)

Yamagata and Niigata Prefectures (since Jomon period)
Material: Japanese linden (tall deciduous trees growing in mountain regions along the Sea of Japan)

Shinafu has been unearthed from Jomon-period ruins, indicating that it has been used since prehistoric times. It is made by stripping the bark of linden trees and removing the thin layer of surface fibers. The fibers are made into thread in a process requiring dozens of stages and then painstakingly hand-woven into fabric. Shinafu cloth is very expressive, retains its woody aroma, and has a natural beauty, its resilience and luster deepening with time. It is light, breathes well, and is water resistant, making it suitable for use as clothing and also as rope. People continue to be charmed by shinafu’s warm and pleasing natural texture.


山形県、新潟県 紀元前(縄文時代)
素材:シナノキ科シナノキ属の落葉高木 (日本海に面した山間部に多く自生)