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Handcrafted Items to Enrich Your Life

Craft Shop Yuzuriha was established next to Lake Towada in Aomori Prefecture in 1989 to introduce handicrafts, primarily those born from the forbidding climate of the northern Tohoku region (Aomori, Akita, and Iwate Prefectures) as well as the other Tohoku prefectures of Yamagata, Miyagi, and Fukushima. In addition to the items themselves,descriptions are provided of the circumstances around which the items evolved,augmented with comments and anecdotes from the artisans.The prducts on display range from traditional items that have remained unchanged over the years to those sporting new designs reflecting modern sensibilities. In addition to baskets, bags, clothing, small decorative objects, and tableware, the shop also features furniture like tables and chairs, as well as kimonos that are unique to the Tohoku region.Visit Yuzuriha when traveling to Lake Towada or other destinations in northern Japan for the perfect souvenir?both for yourself andyour loved ones?created with loving care by artisans born and raised in the natural beauty and bounty of northern Japan.