WOODEN BAGS (made by a Sendai furniture maker)

Miyagi Prefecture
Materials: Walnut, quince, maple, and kurogaki persimmon trees

These bags are made using the traditional chest-making techniques handed down in the Sendai area. Instead of nails, 2-millimeter-wide wooden pegs called yatoi are used to clasp pieces of wood together—the same technique as that used to make chests of drawers. About a month is required to produce one item. The bags have the warmth of wood, and each has a distinctive “face.” Sendai-made chests were designed to accommodate men’s kimonos and swords in the same drawer, but demand quickly declined with the end of the feudal era in Japan. The craftsmanship has endured, however, and is being channeled to create new products.

木のバッグ (仙台箪笥職人の技)