LEATHER BAGS / 馬具職人のバッグ

LEATHER BAGS (made by harness maker)

Aomori Prefecture
Material: Leather

Until just half a century ago, horses were indispensable farm animals in the Tohoku district. The artisans who crafted harnesses and reins were thus also very important. Due to advances in mechanization, however, there is no longer any demand for such handmade items. From a wish to preserve the district’s leatherworking skills, new products were created, including this sturdy, hand-woven bag. It is made from a single sheet of carefully selected, 3-millimeter-thick tanned leather. It has a simple, utilitarian design, accented only with meticulously woven stitches. This handsome item embodies the pride of the artisan and the long tradition of harness-making in Tohoku.